July 12, 2015: Glassblowing Demonstration by Laura Donefer

IMG 4900

It was an honor and a real treat to attend the demonstration by Canadian artist Laura Donefer, at the Ignite Studio in Chicago.  Laura is well known for her “basket” pieces – blown vessels with multi-colored and whimsical ornamentation.  We learned that these pieces reflect her personality – exuberant, unconventional, and uninhibited.  As always, it was fascinating to watch her with the team of assistants perform the choreographed steps of glassblowing.

Laura Donefer, and one of her finished pieces (from the Bendoff’s collection):





Glass Artist Laura Donefer









The MCGAG Board hosted Laura at a dinner the night before the demonstration.








The audience assembles at Ignite:










With President Alan Lasser looking on, Judy Bendoff introduces Laura.








Laura and the team at work:

IMG_4873 IMG_4888 IMG_4900 IMG_4906

























Photos by Bob Weissman

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