MCGAG’s Mission is to recognize, support, encourage, promote, and educate everything to do with art made from glass.  This mission is to be accomplished in connection with Collectors, Artists, Galleries and Museums.

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History of the Midwest Contemporary Glass Art Group:

MCGAG was organized by Beverly Copeland, publisher of Glass Focus, and Nancy Kotler, collector, and begun on May 21, 1991.  That first meeting was held at the home of Nancy and Phil Kotler in Evanston, Illinois.  Thirty people attended and signed up to become members, including representatives from Marx Gallery, Karen Echt and Steve Marx and from Mindscape Gallery, owner Ron Isaacson. Glass artists James Wilbat and Lance Friedman also were in attendance.

In the beginning MCGAG was run by a steering committee. The group encouraged the membership of collectors, artists, gallery personel, educators, curators and anyone else with an interest in contemporary glass.

From the initial flyer:

“The major thrust of the group is educational.  MCGAG hopes to stimulate an interest in CONTEMPORARY ART GLASS, and promote awareness of it as a major art form. Members will also have the opportunity to meet and socialize with others with a mutual interest in glass.  MCGAG plans visits to artists’ studios, to better understand the technical aspects of glass. Lectures by notable artists, directors or owners of glass galleries, visits to local collectons and trips to important glass-related events, museums and collections are just some of the events planned for group members.  If you are interested in learning more about glass and meeting others who share your enthusiasm, please join us.”

Dues were $15.

2020-21 Officers and Committee Chairs:

President:  Robert Matanky
Vice President: Marilyn Cohen
Treasurer: Bobbie Tenner
Recording Secretary: Len Tenner
Correspondence Secretary: Karen Kitzes, Marcia Weissman
Events Committee: Lita Weinstein, Bobbie Tenner, Marcia Weissman, Barry Rice, and Judy Bendoff
Grants Committee: open
Membership: Marcia Weissman
Website Committee: Marcia Weissman

Board of Directors:

Louise Abrahams
Judy and Bruce Bendoff
Marilyn Cohen
Karen Kitzes
Nancy and Alan Lasser
Alice and Robert Matanky
Judy Perlow
Donna and Barry Rice
Ed Simon
Glorya and Neal Spero
Bobbie and Len Tenner
Lita and Marshall Weinstein
Marcia and Robert Weissman

The Board of Directors meets monthly from April to October.  If you wish to attend a meeting, please contact the President, or leave a message on the Contact page of this website.