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Artist’s Letter

Our member Sandy Meyer received this letter from glass artist Donna J. Rice (no, not our president, but a well-known glass artist and recipient of a MCGAG award several years ago).

Hi Sandy,

I hope you and Bernie are doing very well. Assuming you are back in Chicago, safe and sound? I was planning to send you photos of my newest sculpture and catch up anyway, but then I got the funniest email yesterday that I have to share with you!

I’m teaching a casting class at the Grand Marais Art Colony again late this summer, and yesterday the Program Director, Ruth Pszwaro asked if I would “invite the MCGAG group to visit, since I am the acting President” :) I had to explain to her that there are two Donna Rices associated with MCGAG, but THAT one is not ME! How ironic… I’m sure she will be in touch with the correct Donna Rice to extend her formal invitation, but I told her I would mention it to you just the same. The Art Colony is a wonderful facility in a spectacular location, so it would indeed make for a lovely MCGAG retreat. I know your visits are typically to much grander locations, but I did promise to put the invitation out there to you. Here is a link for reference,

I’m also writing to tell you and Bernie, especially that I was finally awarded the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant that I was seeking when I approached MCGAG to begin with! The panel could not have been more enthusiastic about the work I’ve produced since your initial grant to me, so I hope you will please let the other board members know that their support was well founded. The grant provides $10,000 dollars for the purchase of supplies and equipment that might otherwise be difficult for me to attain. In exchange, I will produce four large new sculptures this year that includes the one I’m sending you now, titled “Lagoon”. The link to a detailed process blog on my website is . It was created using techniques I learned during an apprenticeship last summer with Hugh MacKay at Cast Glass Forms foundry in Spencer, Iowa. Response to the piece has been very good and I’m planning to enter it in at least a couple of upcoming competitions.


I like to keep you informed of my progress because your support was instrumental in helping me get to where I am now. Thanks again for your kindness and generosity, it will never be forgotten. All the best to both of you.