Artist Studio Visits, Trip Reports

August 11, 2013: Visit to Ignite Glass Studio

We had an exciting visit to the Ignite Glass Studio in Chicago.  Ignite is a new facility which combines working space for artists, classes, and demonstrations, along with a gallery of works for sale.  We were privileged to see a demonstration by artist Charles Savioe.


Among other things, Savioe is known for the beautiful goblets that he creates, using some of the forms and techniques of classic Italian glassblowing, but with his own technical expertise.  At Ignite, he created a fantastic goblet before our eyes.  One of his innovations is the way in which he makes the multi-colored rods which later are crafted into the cup and foot of the goblet.  In a painstaking process, he creates a length of glass, then stretches and twists it into a long rod, and then cuts it into pieces of the exact length and diameter needed for the project.  Many of these rods are then combined to form the finished vessel.

IMG_5413   IMG_5414  IMG_5412  IMG_5417  IMG_5429

IMG_5488     IMG_5472


We were thrilled to see this unique variation of glassblowing, as well as samples of Savioe’s finished works.  Thanks to Susan Grosch who arranged the visit.

IMG_5424  IMG_5436

IMG_5462  IMG_5498  IMG_5495

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Photos by Bob Weissman