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August 24, 2014: Driehaus Museum and John Miller’s Art

We had a very full day in Chicago on Sunday, August 24. We began by meeting at the Driehaus Museum (www.driehausmuseum.org), a beautiful old mansion on Erie Street.  Home to several wealthy families during the city’s Gilded Age, the house has been restored to display its earlier glory.  The furnishings, wall coverings, and tapestries were beautiful, but of course we were most interested in glass.  The house includes several stunning works of stained glass, including a magnificent domed ceiling.  In addition, we were treated to a special exhibit of Tiffany glass, featuring numerous lamps of various sizes and styles.

















After the Driehaus tour, we went to the beautiful building where Sandra and Bernie Meyer live. In the building’s meeting room, we met artist John Miller, who is the head of the glass program at Illinois State University.  He gave a talk about his career in glass, and the people and events that influenced him.  A selection of his work was on display, including many of his famous works that mimic common objects and fast-food items.  They look good enough to eat!












We also had a chance to tour the Meyer’s apartment and view their wonderful collection. The afternoon ended with an open board meeting to which all of the members were invited.

Photos by Bob Weissman