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Communication from Glass Artist Slate Grove

MCGAG member Cheryl Lapin would like to share current information about glass artist Slate Grove.  He gave permission to place the following quotation on the MCGAG website.

Slate Grove“I have accepted the job offer of Studio Manager at Urban Glass, but i haven’t started yet.  I will start next week, after Labor Day.  I have been in NYC for about 3 weeks now, picking up work blowing glass and searching for apartments.  Jamie and I just signed a lease, yesterday, actually and will be living in a very nice 2 bedroom apartment in Harlem.

I’ll be making a trip back to Illinois later in September to retrieve all of our belongings and move them to NYC.  Jamie is still in Portland, OR training for her job with Bullseye, and will arrive in NYC at the end of Sept.”

(Note: Jamie Morrow is Slate’s girlfriend, soon to be wife in October.  She won two emerging artist awards (undergraduate and collector’s choice) from us in 2012.  She also went to Illinois State.)

See Slate’s website here.

See information about Jamie here.

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