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Find Glass Art Wherever You Go

Whenever we travel, we are always looking for glass art.  Usually we search for galleries and art museums that might have exhibits of interest.  But there are other ways as well.

Recently we were staying with friends in Ottawa, Canada.  When they heard of our interest in glass art, our hosts immediately went to their computer and did a search for glass art in Ottawa.  They found a listing for “Ravek Architectural Glass Art”.  A phone call determined that husband-and-wife team Oded and Pamela Ravek are glass artists who produce many large-scale installations for public buildings, as well as smaller works suitable for interior display.  They invited us to visit them at their home (which is also their studio).

We quickly arranged a visit for that same evening.  The Raveks were a charming and gracious couple whose home is filled to bursting with their wonderful art.  They create their works using casting and fusing, as well as stained glass, in a wide range of colors and styles.  They have recently exhibited in a Canadian show which included artists in several media on the topic “War: Light Within/Out of the Darkness,” and focused on the theme of the Holocaust.  See more examples of their art at

Marcia and Bob Weissman

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