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June 29, 2013: Museum of Wisconsin Art/Kaiser Home

The Museum of Wisconsin Art

Jane and George Kaiser’s Home

On June 29, 2013, thirty-seven MCGAG members traveled to West Bend, Wisconsin to visit the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA).  This museum has had a home in West Bend for many years, but has just moved into a stunning new building.  We were able to tour one of the inaugural exhibits, entitled “Antifragile: Contemporary Glass”.


Director of Exhibitions & Acquisitions, MOWA

MOWA’s mission is to display works by artists who were born, studied, or produced significant works in Wisconsin.  The exhibit of glass art provided a broad range of recent works by artists from around the state.  We were privileged to be guided by Graeme Reid, the museum’s Director of Collections and Exhibitions.  He explained some of the features of the unique wedge-shaped building and how it enhances the artwork that is displayed within.  Then he escorted us around the glass exhibit, adding anecdotes about the various artists and their work.



We also toured three other galleries to see a variety of other types of art, including the museum’s prized collection of oil paintings by Carl von Marr, whose work formed the origin of MOWA.IMG_4560

After the tour, we enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant, and then proceeded to Milwaukee to visit the home of Jane and George Kaiser, a high-rise apartment on the lakefront overlooking the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum.

George Kaiser

The Kaisers have a fabulous collection of glass art, as well as many other works.  Many of their pieces were obtained during their 3-year residence in Moscow during the 1970’s.  George graciously spoke about some of his experiences in the Soviet Union, and about some of the beautiful artwork that was on view.


In all, the day was full of interesting art and fellowship.

Photos by Bob Weissman