Home Collection Visits, Trip Reports

October 13, 2013: Last Event of 2013

One of our favorite activities is visiting the homes and collections of our members.  As our last official event of 2013, we had a special treat – visits to two beautiful North Shore homes to see the stunning art collections of our hosts.

While each home was different in architectural style, and in the esthetic tastes of the owners, each of them provided a view of a wide range of artists and their works spanning a period of several decades.  As all collectors know, every piece has a story, and we were privileged to hear many anecdotes and memories of our hosts’ experiences with artists and excursions, difficulties and successes as they built their collections.

We are very thankful to the members who hosted us in their homes, and we look forward to another year of exciting events as we continue to explore the many aspects of glass art.

[Editor’s note: in order to protect the privacy and safety of our members, the names and locations of the home collections are not included in this article, and no photos were taken during the home visits.]