The Midwest Contemporary Glass Art Group is proud to support artists and institutions which promote the artwork we love. We have established a record of donations and recognition, which serve to implement our mission statement “to recognize, support encourage, promote, and educate everything to do with art made from glass” in a variety of ways.

[fancy_header variation=”black”]2017 Grants[/fancy_header]

The Midwest Contemporary Glass Art Group has presented grant awards to Pearl Dick of The Firehouse in Chicago, and Carmen Lozar and Matt Urban whose studio is in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.

[titled_box title=”Pearl Dick” variation=”silver”]Pearl Dick is an established contemporary glass artist who graduated from Alfred University with a concentration in glass art, oil painting and English.While pursuing a career in glass art, Pearl has worked with the under-served youth population in Chicago through the After School Matters Program and The University of Chicago youth programs. The workshops Pearl has developed over the period of many years have provided numerous opportunities for young people to experience the beauty of glass art and to understand all the elements involved in creating such art.  The Board of Directors is deeply grateful to Pearl for all she has contributed to this exceptional medium through her own glass art as well as for imparting all her knowledge and experience to young people in the Chicago community.[/titled_box]
[titled_box title=”Carmen Lozar and Matt Urban” variation=”silver”]Carmen Lozar and Matt Urban’s glass art studio is in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. Carmen, a flameworker, and Matt, a glass blower, have been awarded a Midwest Contemporary Glass Art Group grant award for their many contributions to the glass art movement. They are using their grant to assist in building out a new glass studio on their property in Bloomington.Cloudscape - Carmen LozarCarmen was an earlier recipient of a MCGAG award for her First Place participation in a student show and is a member of the art faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University. She received her B.F.A. from the University of Illinois and her M.F.A. from Alfred University. Carmen creates narrative glass sculpture, using flameworking and cast glass techniques. Carmen has been an artist in residence at The Corning Museum. (Image left is “Cloudscape”, by Carmen Lozar.)

Matt attended the Philadelphia College of Art and Design where he studied industrial design and glass. He received his Master’s degree from Illinois State in glass/sculpture. Matt is the owner of Furnace Urbini Glass Works since 1999 where recycled glass and eco-friendly processes are used. Matt has been an artist in residence at the Corning Museum of Glass.


The year 2012 was a very special time, as it marked 50 years of the modern glass art movement.  Galleries and museums all over the country responded with exhibits displaying the full gamut of glass art produced since 1962.  MCGAG celebrated the anniversary with a full season of visits to these special exhibits within our geographic area, and with contributions to the museums that provided them.  Those museums included:

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[fancy_header variation=”black”]MCGAG Grants[/fancy_header]

MCGAG has provided grants to several artists in the past.  These grants have enabled the artists to pursue their careers or create specific works of art, which they would otherwise be unable to do due to lack of funding.  We will consider additional grants in the future, subject to the policies established by our board.

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    • A subcommittee of the board is established to evaluate grant applications.
    • The final date for considering any application for a year is April 15. The subcommittee will report their decisions to the Grants & Events committee by May 15, and the report will be submitted to the President and the board no later than the July board meeting.
    • Selection preference for grants will be given to students of the MCGAG Student Artists Show, but being a student of the participating schools is not a requirement to apply for a grant.
    • A maximum of two grants may be awarded each year; however there is no obligation to award any grants in any given year.
    • Grant recipients are required to make a report indicating how the money was spent and, if possible, to make a presentation to the board in person.


If you are interested in applying for a MCGAG Grant, download the application using the link below.

[download_link link=”http://” variation=”blue”]Download Grant Application Form[/download_link]

Thank you for your interest.