Beginning in 2004, MCGAG has sponsored a yearly competition for undergraduate and graduate students from various universities in the area.  Students are selected by their instructors to participate in this event, which is held in two prestigious galleries in Chicago – the Ken Saunders Gallery and the Echt Gallery.  The opportunity to display their work in such a venue, and to have it viewed by a large audience of collectors and art experts, is a wonderful experience for these young artists.  A panel of expert judges awards monetary prizes to one undergraduate and one graduate student, and the audience is also able to vote for the “Collector’s Choice” award from either group.

Initially only Illinois State University was represented in the Student Art show. Later Southern Illinois University was added, followed by the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  In 2015, students from Illinois State University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Southern Illinois University, and Ball State University displayed their work.

The eleventh annual Student Art Show was held on Saturday, October 3, 2015.  The Ken Saunders Gallery and the Echt Gallery  again graciously provided exhibition space for student artists, both graduate and undergraduate, from the four schools.

A jury panel awarded prizes for the best work by a graduate and an undergraduate student.  All attendees were able to vote for the Collectors’ Choice award, for which all of the student artists were eligible.

Best Undergraduate Student: Chastity Logan, Illinois State University








Best Graduate Student: Mike Tracey, Illinois State University








Collectors’ Choice Award: Kit Paulson (graduate), Southern Illinois University

Kit IMG_5745









Other student works:

IMG_5724 IMG_5731 IMG_5742 IMG_5723










Watch for information about the 2016 Student Show.  See Calendar for more information.