Home Collection Visits, Trip Reports

The 2015 Season Begins

The first MCGAG event this year was a great way to begin the 2015 Season. 20150622_LapinHomeMany members attended, and we were pleased to welcome several new members to our group.

We began the afternoon by meeting at the home of Cheryl and Harvey Lapin. We enjoyed the collection artfully placed around their home. Note: Both the home and art pieces are currently for sale, so please contact Cheryl or Harvey if you are interested.


  • David Bennett
    David Bennett
  • Alex Bernstein
  • Craig French
  • Rochard LaLonde
    Rochard LaLonde
  • SusanTaylowGlasgow
    Susan Taylow Glasgow
  • William Carlson
    William Carlson, accented by beautiful wooden tabletop.


20150622_BendoffHomeFrom the Lapin Residence, we traveled to the home of Bruce and Judy Bendoff. Again, it was an enjoyable visit of a home filled with amazing pieces of glass art.


  • Audry Handler
    Audry Handler
  • Vivian Wang
    Vivian Wang
  • Dale Chihuly
    Dale Chihuly
  • Karen Lamont
    Karen Lamont
  • D.Chihuly-Libensky/Brychtova (2)-Vladamira Klumpar-TootsZynsky
    D.Chihuly-Libensky/Brychtova (2)-Vladamira Klumpar-TootsZynsky
  • Paul Seide
    Paul Seide


It is always an experience to tour a home collection, as we hear personalized stories of the artists, and many times the motivation behind choosing a particular piece. Placement of the art within the home space is also very important, and affects how a piece will look and the feelings it may evoke.

Thanks again to the Lapin’s and the Bendoff’s for the gracious sharing of their homes and collections.

We welcome our new members to the group, and look forward to the next event, scheduled for July 12 at Ignite Studio in Chicago, with guest artist Laura Donefer.