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Update on MCGAG Winner

From Cheryl Lapin:

On a recent visit to Mesa Art Center in Arizona, glass artist, Carrie Battista, was talking about her work on display. She has long had a fascination with the circus and her work at the Art Center reflects it.  She mentioned her husband by name, Pat Frost.  I knew that name.  Then I remembered we have a glass piece by Pat Frost, graduate of ISU in the glass program.  Pat won the undergraduate award at the MCGAG Student Show in 2005 or 2006.  I remember glass artist and then judge, Jim Wilbat, saying the undergraduate’s technique was exceptional.

After Carrie finished her talk my husband and I went up to speak to both of them. We enjoyed meeting Carrie and seeing her work and catching up with Pat. The two of them live outside Cleveland and work together at the studio they built, making functional and sculptural pieces of glass art.  They say the commercial pieces allow them the means to continue their passion of making creative glass pieces.  There website is  Do check it out.  Each area on the site highlights a different aspect of their work, barware, chandeliers and even marbles from leftover glass.

We should be very proud of the role the MCGAG Student Show has played in helping several glass students get their start. Our next student Show will be in October 2015.  Watch our website for details next summer.